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Intellect / Wisdom Sheath

The intellect is a repository of memories of past experiences and knowledge. It has the unique capacity to use these memories to judge, to discriminate and discern. In ideal situations, the mind yields to the intellect to arrive at a more beneficial action. Furthermore, while the mind relies on information received by the senses, the intellect can investigate and contemplate to come up with superior solutions. Practices that promote detaching from continuous flow of thoughts to support inner reflection helps one gain clarity to aid in the decision making process.

Our ability to make choices in this world depends on our connection to our inner wisdom. Tuning in with awareness to this wisdom defines our world perception, evokes greater inner clarity, and guides our positive choices.

Akhila Health Intellect Module


An essential component of healing in our fast-paced, stressed-out world, is learning how to slow down and attune to the rhythm of nature. We help participants establish a daily routine that is supportive of optimum health and well-being.

The choices we make on a daily basis either set up greater health and happiness or create dis-ease in our lives. We interact with the world through our senses. By understanding the role the senses play in our health and happiness, we are better able to identify and integrate habits that lead to ultimate fulfillment, greater health, and longevity.

Character Enrichment

Character is enriched through the development of qualities such as self-confidence, self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-satisfaction. Discussion on these topics aids in the understanding and development of qualities.


Thoughts influence our mood, attitude, and outlook. Repeated negative thoughts can become deeply ingrained and negatively impact self-confidence. However, positive thoughts can have the reverse effect. Affirmations are positive statements that when repeated, can reprogram thinking patterns to shift the mindset to boost self-confidence.

Affirmations can also be effective in achieving personal goals by promoting constructive thoughts and the motivation necessary to persevere through challenges. In the Akhila Health program, we encourage participants to create and practice self-affirmations.

"Learning the science around gratitude! I learned different ways to express gratitude and I gained more motivation to practice gratitude and self compassion as often as I can."

Workshop attendee